Earth Day 2024 - #TrashTagChallenge!

The impact of climate change can be seen around the world from wildfires to hurricanes to unprecedented heat waves.  At ServiceMaster Clean of Vancouver Janitorial Services, we’ve lived through some of these effects firsthand and we believe whole-heartily that we each bear some responsibility in taking proactive action to protect this place we call home, planet Earth.  This is why we recently joined billions of others around the world to mark Earth Day on April 22nd and to accept the viral challenge known as #TrashTagChallenge.


As a local Vancouver business, we thought our efforts would have the most impact locally, in our immediate community.  As such, we put a team together to help clean up our local neighbourhood.  After all, we are a commercial cleaning company, so why not do what we know best and help clean our environment!  Armed with trash pickers, garbage bags and enthusiasm, our team of eight including management and front-line staff headed out to help clean up Vancouver!  A couple of hours later, we had six litter bags filled including a car muffler!


At ServiceMaster Clean of Vancouver, we believe that our actions today can help to positively shape our tomorrow.  From our use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and technologies to championing movements like #TrashTagChallenge, we understand that collectively, we CAN make a difference!