Keeping It Clean in a "Hotelling" Environment

Keeping It Clean in a

As companies seek to cut costs and address an increasingly mobile workforce, some employees have had to learn to share their workspace. Unassigned workspaces have been a reality for consultants or employees who conduct business mostly on the road. But, a growing number of workers, who traditionally spend more time at the office, have had their cubicles replaced with unassigned desks they share with other employees; a concept called “hotelling”. Where employees used to have a dedicated desk with a phone and other equipment at their service, the new concept requires that the cubicles be used on sharing basis where the employees book the cubicles or other office equipment based on their needs.

Given this growing practice, companies must be more diligent than ever before about workstation sanitizing. Desks, phones and keyboards are key germ transfer points. Without regular workstation and equipment sanitizing, companies are exposing their employees to germs and bacteria that can lead to illness and increased absenteeism. Proper work station cleaning includes sanitizing of work surfaces, telephones and other touch points, removing waste, dust and dirt particles from the premises, cleaning chairs, fabric panels and regular carpet cleaning performed by qualified and trained cleaning professionals. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of shared workstations can go a long way to keeping employees happy and healthy.


Our company Yellow Pages and Super Pages before that, has been dealing with Service Master for many years. If you compare Service Master to 10 or even 15 years ago and now, it just gets better. It could be the staff is better trained, but I think that cleaning technology is getting better all the time and Service Master Management is implementing better ideas to clean our offices better. We have cleaning staff that has been in our building for a long time, so I know how they work. Some are just excellent workers. And when you have the #1 Cleaning Manager Sukhi looking over our account, we are really lucky. There is not too many complaints, and if there is any, Sukhi provides fast service and able to remedy the problem.


personable, friendly service. Staff are very responsive.


Need to stay ahead of the new techniques in the cleaning industry. Pay closer attention to training associates in handling equipment.


Once the job has been outlined, the staff follow through. Can count on the staff to consistently do a good job. Easy to work with.


Fantastic service ~ extremely responsive and customer focused. Numerous sustainability efforts, deliverables are to a high standard and overall cleaning services exceed expectation. Strong understand of different office environments and the needs that go with them. Effective and efficient!


professional, attention to details, quick in responding to requests


Great communication, our need are always delt with righ away.


Come very regularly as scheduled; no fuss, do their work and out of our offices.


The personal relationships with all the staff at ServiceMaster Clean make all the difference to us and our business. Being guaranteed it will be done right the first time is very important but having personalized service throughout the process and being confident that their staff will go the 'extra mile' when asked is what keeps our organization a satisfied client.